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Alexander Technique

with Tim Soar

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Articles and other writings on the Technique

by Tim Soar

This page allows you to download a few things I’ve written about the Alexander Technique as pdf files which you can read on screen or print.

They are free for private and educational use, but let me know if you want to use any of this material commercially.

Semi-supine hand-out sheet

One illustrated A4 sheet with guidelines for practising semi-supine (lying with your head on books)
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Essay: Creative Attention

Primarily aimed at other Alexander teachers, this essay presents some of my personal thoughts on Alexander Technique hands on work.
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Article: An Introduction to the Principles of the Alexander Technique

Three A4 sheets
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Manual: Defining the Alexander Technique

This started out as a series of hand-outs for my pupils.
When it outgrew that format I published it (1999) as a loose-leaf manual.
Now it’s an e-book.
The illustrations are by Aron Czerveny

31 A4 sheets as separate A4-sized .pdf files, including a contents list and two colour plates.