Alexander Technique

with Tim Soar

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Alexander lessons restarting in Swansea, from September 7th

I am now offering one-to-one lessons in Swansea only. I am running a reduced timetable, and working with precautions in place against viral infection.

Please get in touch for more details.

I hope to be able to offer lessons in London again before too long.

I teach regularly in the following places:
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Swansea: This is my home practice, where I am most of the time.
London: Monthly visits to central London; individual lessons available. Click here for dates.
Denmark: Three visits per year for lessons and workshops.
RWCMD: Lessons for students at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama in Cardiff.

Tim Soar
Established in Swansea in 1993

The Alexander Technique is a unique system of movement education and self awareness which enables us to "re-learn" the fundamental building-blocks of movement, posture, balance, breathing and reaction.

The Alexander Technique can offer:
  • relief from posture-related pain,
  • greater body awareness,
  • stress management and reduction of tension,
  • improved results for performers and athletes,
  • a more comfortable pregnancy,
  • faster recovery following injury or surgery,
  • better vocal use,
  • management of some otherwise intractable conditions.

Tim has a great deal of experience of teaching people across a wide range of physical fitness and disability, and has taught regular students aged from nine to ninety! The Alexander Technique is a practical way to solve problems of tension and coordination whether your aim is to play concertos, run a marathon, or to make everyday movements with less difficulty.


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I make monthly visits to London to offer one to one lessons:

London visits are suspended until further notice because of the Corona virus restrictions.

Please contact me to book, or for more information. The fee for a 45 minute lesson in London is £48.


You can send an email either directly to timothy.soar (at), or by using the form here - please be sure to type your own email address correctly! Alternatively, my (UK landline) telephone number is 01792 296278 - please leave a message if I’m not able to answer.

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